Saturday, January 30, 2010

eKundli 2002-free download

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eKundli 2002

Features of eKundli 2002
Nomenclature, Birth Details, Lagna Chart, Chalit - Cusp,Rasi - Navamsa, Sudershan Chart, Aspects West-System, K. P. Lagna

Chart, K. P. Cusp Chart, K. P. Significator, 16-Charts in 5 Pages, Planet-Relations, Shadbala, Astakvarga, Sade-Sati,

Ashtotary Antar Dasa, Vimshotari Antar Dasa, Vimshotari Prati Antar Dasa, Favorable Points, Mareige Compatibility Table,

General Predictions, Yearly Predictions, Ghati Pal to Time on Screen, Panchang On Screen, Charting Style, Color Printing

Facility, Reporting Facility, Match - Making, Output Page Size A4 and much more .........

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  1. Yes this is a good software to find out our horoscope, generally I use this software and secondly there are so many ways to get horoscope like newspaper, tv online matchmaking